Murdre Ballades

Murdre Ballades

During lockdown The Mighty Avon Jnr undertook a covers project/EP : Murdre Ballades. 

We would record and release 5 tracks each with accompanying video. All thematically linked in one way or another.

First to land was Sweet Home Under White Clouds by Virgin Prunes. Then we dropped a version of For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. Following this Down Where the Drunkards Roll by Richard Thompson. Fourth was A Domestic by Dinah Brand from Dublin. The plan was to have a nice round five completed by My Heart is a Fist by My Side with lyrics by ourselves over a piano loop by Bo Harwood from the soundtrack to Opening Night by John Cassavettes. Not technically a cover but sure look.

Five it was meant to be but then we had an idea at 3am and decided we needed to do one more… X will be the final part of this hexology.

We originated the tracks at home and then worked with Michael Heffernan in Lennox St for all 6 and invited some friends along to bless us with their guest spots. Mastered as usual with Harvey Birrell.

All the songs are available as free download and the videos have been cut together as a piece to put into relief what it was we were trying to put across in the first place.



Sweet Home Under White Clouds

Murdre Ballades Episode 1
Sweet Home Under White Clouds
Written by Virgin Prunes

Vocal – dMc – 
Drums – Jef Mounet
Vocal  – Lizy TeranVocal 
Clarinet  -Fergus Cullen
Guitar, bass  – Wiliam Mateus Werlang & Pre Production Arrangement

Recorded in France, Brazil agus Dublin.
Engineered, mixed & recorded: Michael Heffernan
Mastered by Harvey Birrell London.
Produced and arranged by Daragh McCarthy.
Activate All Archetypes

For What It’s Worth

Murder Ballades Episode 2
For What It’s Worth
Written by Stephen Stills

Vocals, arpeggio wrangling, synths – dMc
Drums – JeF Mounet
Guitars and pre- production – Wiliam Mateus Verlang
Vocals – Lizy Teran 
Michael Heffernan – Moog 0ne solo

Recorded in Brazil, France agus Portobello Dublin
Recorded and engineered and mixed by Michael Heffernan.
Produced and arranged by Daragh McCarthy

Mastered by Harvey Birrell

With apologies to Stephen Stills & Laurie Anderson

Down Where The Drunkards Roll

Murdre Ballades Episode 3
Down Where The Drunkards Roll
Written by Richard Thompson

Vocal – Daragh McCarthy
Backing Vocal – Lizy Teran
Special Norteño guest backing vocal – Jem Mitchell
Synths and arpeggio-wrangling – dMc
Moog One solo – Michael Heffernan
Drum programming – Michael Heffernan, John Carpenter, Daragh McCarthy
Recorded, engineered & mixed: Michael Heffernan at Michael Heffernan Studios Portobello Dublin

Production overseen by Jimmy Iovine & Conny Plank

Produced and arranged by Daragh McCarthy
Mastered by Harvey Birrell

…with apologies to Richard Thompson, John Carpenter + grumpy Calvinists from
Washington DC…

A Domestic

Murdre Ballades Episode 4
A Domestic
written by Dylan Philips

Vocal – Daragh McCarthy
Vocal – Guest Special – Jem Mitchell
Acoustic guitar – Dylan Philips
Trumpet – Hugh O’ Neill
Desert Organ – Lisa Mednick Powell
Double Bass – Dave Redmond
Drums by Echo

Recorded and engineered by Michael Heffernan. Portobello Dublin

Mastered by Harvey Birrell

Video images appropriated from Dublin City Council Housing Department.

All are chosen. Everyone will be called.
… psychogeography this motherfc*kers

My Heart is a Fist by My Side

Murdre Ballades Episode 5
My Heart is a Fist by My Side

Written by Daragh McCarthy
Music (Piano loop) Bo Harwood from OST Opening Night by John Cassavetes
Produced and arranged by Daragh McCarthy